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RUSH4th Consulting is the largest dedicated automotive consulting firm in the region working with over two hundred and sixty five [265] operational automotive dealerships throughout the GCC, Levant, Africa, Pakistan, the Caucuses, Asia, Asia Pacific, Africa, South Africa and Australia and all points in between.

We specialise in developing dealer network capabilities to improve, adapt, innovate and develop through; organisation restructuring, process & practice change management and innovative business development  to meet the standards set by the brand and address performance shortfalls throughout.

These tools include: Dealer Analysis, Assessment and Reorganisation using the AutoBenchMark (ABM) program, Business Process Re-engineering, Management Mentoring, Interim Management, Coaching and Recruitment. Examples of our clients: BMW, Audi, Ford, Nissan, Bentley, VW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Range Rover, Hyundai, Porsche, Piaggio, Honda.

In addition to our extensive experience running the ABM for OEMs as: VSAP for VWME and QPP for AME and DSPP for JLR amongst many others we also run OEM developed programs such as Porsche (PBE) for Porsche Middle East, Porsche Asia Pacific and Porsche Korea.

In addition we run cold market start ups and new dealer set up programs from importer to dealer

Our depth of experience has been drawn from decades of working for manufacturers, importers and retail dealer operations; throughout, the African Continent, Middle East, Levant, Asia, Asia Pacific, Australia and Europe.

We understand not only how each business sector works but how to manage and develop the complex internal and external relationships necessary for all parties to succeed.

It is this knowledge and expertise that our clients seek. Consequently, as the foremost dedicate automotive consulting firm in the region/s, we have numerous projects underway with the international brands we represent.

Current projects include:

  • AutoBenchMark – dealer assessment and development programs
  • OEM derived - dealer development programs
  • Mentoring – coaching dealer principal candidates
  • Dealer Appointments – for OEM open points

Projects running in:

  • Levant, Middle East, Africa, Iran, The Caucuses, Asia, Asia Pacific and Australasia

Reviews & Testimonials

  • “RUSH4th Consulting get straight to the point, direct, innovative, motivational and they deliver. They did a great job improving our dealer processes.”
    Dr. Henrik Dreier
    General Manager - Singapore
    Porsche Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.
  • “Dear Tim, Thank you for your professional coaching. With your skill and experience, every one of us learned a lot of knowledge in many fields from your workshops. Especially, I learn so many things from you in any aspects even though I have been in car business for over 30 years. Looking forward to your next visit.”
    Stephen Lee
    Vice President
    Universal Motor Traders Ltd.
    Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C
  • “Hello Tim, …we’d like deliver our thankful thoughts via this mail, for that we want to let you know how much assistance you’ve brought to us. We implemented things you’ve suggested and we can say, we didn’t know before that a business can be managed this way. We start to use DOC, weekly creative meetings, working hours management and other ideas learned… Especially for the weekly meetings, we often come up with new and interesting ideas during spontaneous discussions. The benefits… are beyond our initial imagination, we appreciate very much. Thank you again, and looking forward to next coaching.”
    Antony Tseng
    Dealer Principle
    Porsche Taipei
  • “Having worked with RUSH4th consulting on two major Automotive initiatives, I found them to be professional, knowledgeable and highly competent in their execution. They have the unenviable position of seeing issues from multiple aspects, bottom line and customer focused from a dealer prospective and brand consistent and progressive from a manufacturers viewpoint. I would not hesitate to engage RUSH4th consulting again in my business, they are my first choice for external consultancy in our Automotive cluster.”
    James R. M du Lieu
    Group Chief Strategy officer
    Fouad MT Alghanim & Sons Group
  • “RUSH4th Consulting has been a business partner of Audi ME for many years and worked with us on numerous in-dealership operational development programs, senior dealership management mentoring programs, skills coaching for our field force to setting up Audi Management Academy projects. They have proved time and again they can work comfortably and professionally taking into account the needs of both the OEM and dealer operations to move the business forward.”
    Christian Soemmer
    Dealer Development Director
    Audi Middle East
    Audi Volkswagen Middle East FZE
  • “I have had the opportunity to have known and worked with Tim Rushforth, CEO of RUSH4th Consulting over the past four years and the results have always been very positive. I know his company to uphold the highest standards in their operations and have demonstrated themselves as extremely reputable, ethical and highly experienced. I look forward to working with them in the future and encourage any reader of this reference to take advantage of their professionally delivered services for all your automotive business needs.”
    Sadig Aliyev
    General Manager
    Official Importer of Jaguar & Land Rover
  • “The operational standard of dealers in the Middle East was a major focus for us to improve the entire business. RUSH4th consulting did an amazing job to analyse each divisional section of the dealer network. AN action plan to implement change into the individual organisations was developed. The results were exceptional. The dealer network embraced the idea to improve and with the expertise of RUSH4th Consulting the wish became reality. The service was professional and expert.”
    Jeff Mannering
    Managing Director
    Audi Singapore Pte Ltd
  • "RUSH4th Consulting's approach differs to others as it provides a 360 degree, holistic review of the whole business with specific focus on how the individual departments and business units interact with each other, which is often overlooked in consulting programmes. The incredibly detailed report, support, follow up and reviews ensured that consistent, continual improvement was achieved, over a number of successive years, as new benchmarks were set and exceeded."
    Lee Boyle
    Automotive Divisional General Manager,
    Fouad Alghanim & Sons,
    Kuwait 2009 - 2013.
  • “Dear Tim, I would like to thank you for your professional coaching which helped us streamlining our processes and improving our business operations. With your skill set and knowledge, we all have gained a lot to effectively perform daily work tasks. RUSH4th Consulting not only made suggestions for changes, but were able to explain their reasons for the changes and convinced our staff to enthusiastically get on board.”
    Marwan Nuqul,
    Vice chairman
    Nuqul Automotive