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As the leading automotive consulting firm in the region we are currently engaged in projects from South Africa to Australia and most points in between.

We offer our clients a wealth of local market knowledge and international expertise delivered across each regional landscape. We are focused on deliverables and have the privilege of working with some of the finest brands in the business.

Complete confidentiality and transparency guaranteed.

At RUSH4th Consulting we recognise the competitive and economic challenges companies are facing and how critical it is to maximise every opportunity to do business.

We specialise in reviewing the actual application of business processes and practices in the retail dealer's organisation to determine how they impact on their ability to; retain existing customers, capitalise on the existing business and create new opportunities to do business.

Over the three steps RUSH4th Consulting will:

  • Analyse - AutoBenchMarking identifies how a business partner or franchisee is actually operating vs. any stated processes and highlight any performance deficits.
  • Review - The client review recommends where the business practices can be improved to create better results.
  • Implement – We manage the business process and practice changes and development of both personnel and organisational culture as agreed in the review phase.
  • Clearly every retail outlet, dealer or importer differs due to its people and skills mix, brand make up, market competition and the socio / economic environment in which it trades. Consequently any solutions must take into account those factors and so RUSH4th will construct a bespoke package for you and or your retail / franchised network.