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These are just some examples of the areas we cover and approaches we use:


At RUSH4th Consulting our sole objective is to boost the performance of your business. We work 'on-site' with OEM Importers and Dealer networks with complete confidentiality, sharing the same levels of commitment and determination to improving the business as you do. The disciplines, and depth of any analysis, can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Below are some of examples from the areas in which we work.

Sales New & Used

Processes & Practices - Due Diligence

The Sales due diligence process involves both analysis and creative / innovative recommendations. It’s a win win using the continuous improvement process (CIP). The first evaluates the current business performance through the full lifecycle of the daily practices and identifies any deficits, potential risk and assesses whether the plan will actually deliver your primary strategy. The second, building on the outcomes of the first, enables our consultants to identify processes and practices improvements taking into localisation and any risk profile identified.

Planning - Constant Change

Planning is not a once a year administrative exercise and the business planning tools it creates; annual business plan, marketing plan and so on must become working documents in order to stay ahead of the competition in an ever changing market. Equally it is vital we constantly review, revise, communicate, plan, implement and manage the business in a proactive and fluid manner to prevent these critical business processes being underutilized.

Prospecting - Activities and Processes

Prospecting, the 'cold sell', is not only vital to the daily business practices it must be integral within it. Those dealers that actively prospect will create more opportunities to do business. Therefore making it desirable will add employee and business benefits through motivation and rewards whilst building worthwhile data and creating acquisitions, up-selling, cross selling and repeat business opportunities. How a cold call is turned into a worthwhile and rewarding activity is something we can build into the daily practices. We also focus on programs to build customer loyalty and reduce the risk of customer defections.


Marketing - Skills Gaps

Many marketing operations are seen as non productive in real sales terms and yet by identifying what skill sets and capabilities a dealer has and how to apply these for the greatest quantifiable business return will facilitate a transformation in this area.

Brand - Awareness & Performance

We are constantly absorbed in our brand but the consumer is not. They see thousands of competing brands and conflicting messages across a vast array of media platforms every day. We know the market has changed and will keep changing and we need to get ahead of the game rather than reacting post event?

Core Values - Living the Brand

Marketing is a central communication pillar of the business, keeper of the core values, supplier of critical intelligence, a creator and deliverer which should be fully integrated, at the operational level, to every profit generating discipline across the entire business. Every action or communiqué the business makes, internally or externally, should be seen to constantly move forward, delivering ahead of expectations. Your first customers are your own team; after all they are the people you’ve invested in and charged with ultimately delivering the brand experience and business objectives.


Customer Satisfaction

We’re all customers at some point and we all share experiences where our expectations have not been met. Delivering customer satisfaction is not one person’s or one department’s job. It’s a way of life and is the responsibility of everyone in the business.

Lead-time Management and Control

Customers don’t want to wait and don’t want to be let down. This area is often seen as the first hurdle and impacts not only on the workshop but the entire business. Getting it right here will result in the business reducing costs, increasing revenues and improving the customer experience.

Maximising the return of productive personnel

There are smokescreens in the monitored after-sales KPIs and knowing which these are, why it occurs and how to rectify them is vital if a dealer is to achieve a healthy absorption rate.

Motivation and Reward

A well constructed balanced score card will enable both the service and parts departments to focus on; efficiency, productivity, utilization, absorption, lead-time management and deliver improved customer satisfaction not to mention a healthier bottom line.


Corporate Thinking and Planning Skills

If we compare the job description of a manager to his/her daily activities the differences can be startling. All too often the planning, and its related thinking, has been reduced to an annual event and replaced by daily fire fighting and problem solving, whereas it should be a continuum, integral with all other management activities. It is a constant global business activity that, in order for the results to be worthy, all intelligence data must be current, reliable and continually available.

Current Structure vs. Business Needs

As the market evolves, and consumer thinking and desires change, so must we. This is often reflected in the organisational culture and operational structure, which if geared correctly, welcomes change and constantly seeks improvement. How often does a business increase overheads, or reduce key productive personnel, as a solution rather than re-evaluating it current assets, processes and practices. Sometimes doing things differently is all that’s needed.

Business Performance Management

The objective is to optimize business performance by maximum utilization of all business assets, financial, human and material. Question: “How many times in a month can you affect the performance?”

Communication Processes

Information is power and it’s never been truer than in today’s competitive market where not only is the consumer moving forward at high speed so is the competition. Through an effective communications matrix you can ensure that all relevant and appropriate information is exchanged and informed decisions are made for the benefit of the entire business.

Authority Levels and Delegation Practices

Delegation without authority, authority without empowerment means whilst communications take place nothing is decided upon or achieved.


If the members of an aerobatics team operated the same way many departments do within a business it’s unlikely it would ever get off the ground. When operating as a cohesive team some organisations can be identified simply through the look and feel of everything associated with them? Everything about them, every action, every communication supports and reinforces who they are and what they stand for. They have achieved a common communication language for the entire spectrum of the business and every employee lives the brand accordingly.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Customer Communication Processes

Successful customer relationship management entails more than understanding your customers’ needs and communicating with them. It is a central business philosophy that, when delivered through your core values and a cohesive multidiscipline team ensures all parts of the organization have a single integrated view of the customer. Effective CRM simultaneously increases customer satisfaction, adds profit opportunities and reduces customer loss.

Keeping in touch

The most effective way to increase the net worth of a customer is by building a strong relationship through an 'appropriate' customer follow up program (CFUP) ® that is mutually beneficial to both parties. Consumer value is directly proportional to their satisfaction with the products, services and experiences they have with you.

DMS - Data Management System

Database Capabilities

Users should have a clear understanding of what their entire business needs are in this arena, define the requirements and functions that then allows them to source the system they need to fulfil them. A system should not dictate the business process but fulfil them, it’s a tool. Unfortunately many systems suffer from being too complex as a result of decades of adaptation, stem from archaic platforms and offer only limited functionality in order to cover a broader market segment. NB: RUSH4th only recommends ‘aureso’ the most intuitive showroom sales & CRM module in the industry.

KPI - Key Performance Indicators

Using a set of well structured KPIs is the most effective way for managers to assess the business performance at a glance. However, too much data can be as useless as too little so it is crucial the KPIs you track are the right ones. Our decades of experience have enabled us to help you tailor your business intelligence. One business One page.

The key conditions before properly identifying KPIs are:

  • Having a pre-defined business process.
  • Having clear goals/performance requirements for the business process.
  • Having access to quantitative/qualitative measurement of the results and comparison with set goals.
  • Investigating variances, alter processes or resources to achieve their goals.

What is important is:

  • KPI-related data which is consistent and correct.
  • Timely availability of KPI related Data


Employee Incentive Packages

An incentive is a factor (financial or non-financial) that motivates a level of performance or a particular action. Often seen as commissions they should aim, not only to achieve the targeted volumes and earnings, but go on to encourage and reward an increase above and beyond the business plan projections. Such programs might well be through a combination of different incentives, all working simultaneously or consecutively, in order to motivate performance at different levels. Wrongly constructed or applied they can become a disincentive.

Balanced Score Card

A retail operation must manage and grow all aspects of its operation; Financial / Customer / Learning / Growth and Business Processes. Developing an appropriate strategy without jeopardising your competitive edge in the market requires focus across all these categories simultaneously and a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) will help you track this.

RUSH4th recommends ‘aureso’ Connected Retail - delivering the future of automotive retail to all stakeholders today. ‘aurseo Module 1 showroom sales, prospecting, LMS and CRM is available from June 2016.