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The 'AutoBenchMark'© program enables an importer or retail dealer operation to carryout, jointly with the RUSH4th consultant, a detailed review of the entire automotive operation. This unique approach will facilitate complete buy-in to the process and the results. Both the dealer and brand owners will have a clear picture of, and an ABM value for, each process and practice within a retail dealers operation.

At the end of each discipline review both parties will have identified key performance improvement opportunity and prioritized them for implementation - and all in just 10 to 15 days depending upon the size of operation.


The disciplines covered (examples shown here) are made up of all the activities that take place within the daily operation i.e. Sales includes; Prospecting / Showroom management / Delivery / Follow-up etc. These can be tailored to your needs and the target values can be determined by your own priorities or equalized.

Defining the level of importance weights the account based on their financial contributions / impact on customer satisfaction or where you want to focus the business in the coming period.

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